Understanding community concern regarding sharps waste in the public setting
The information collated in this survey will be used to provide insight into possible methods of combatting sharps waste found in public environments and to limit the likelihood of community needle stick injuries.
How old are you?

Are you Male or Female?

Do you work/ study/ live in Sydney, Australia or travel to Sydney, Australia often?

How frequently do you use publicly accessible spaces? *

This could include parks, public bathrooms, public transport services, etc

Have you ever come across an innapropriately disposed of syringe?

Where was it found?

After discovering the syringe - have you returned to that space? *

Why have you not returned? *

Are you deterred from visiting an area if you believe it is a common space for drug use? *

When you see this image, what do you associate with it? *

When you see this image, what feelings does it induce? *

What part of the day do you believe drug use happens most frequently? *

Have you ever witnessed anyone inject an illicit drug? *

What was your reaction?

If a sharps disposal bin was installed close to your home, how would you feel? *

Alternatively - If a sharps disposal bin was installed on every street, how would you feel? *

Thank you for participating in this survey. Your time is greatly appreciated and will be put to use in developing safer ways for sharps waste to be disposed in public places.

If you would like to share any further concerns regarding sharps waste in the public area or would like to contact me further you may email me at william@davisuals.com.au